Fund Raising

We have been busy this school year!  We have had various fund raising and social events which have helped raise money and these are summarised below.

If you have any comments or ideas on fund raising for the PTA then please let us know! 

Fund Raising so far this school year (last updated June 2016):


Amount Raised

Cake sales to-date


KS1 Disco


Parents Christmas party


Christmas card project


Collections at Christmas concert and nativity


Christmas Fair stalls takings


Additional calendars and bag sales (sold outside of Xmas fair)


Easy Fundraising


2nd hand uniform sales to-date - (not including what was sold at Xmas Fair)


Nativity DVD sales


School Calendars


Brandlehow Bags

£500 (with more to sell)

Easy Fund raising:

PLEASE SIGN UP!! It’s really really really simple!! Spread the word! We’ve already got a lot of people signed up but we need more!

We’re already raising lots of money this way - it's really simple and doesn't cost you anything. Your data is secure, it won’t be passed on to any other third parties.  All you have to do is:

  1. Join - Head to sign up for free
  2. Get the reminder toolbar - Download the ‘reminder toolbar’ at every time you shop at a participating site you’ll be asked if you’d like a donation to be made to Brandlehow PTA.
  3. Raise - After you've checked out, that retailer will make a donation - you’ll receive a very satisfying email after your purchase to let you know how much has been donated.