Co-Op Exciting Fundraising News!

Co-Op – Exciting Fundraising News!

The Co-op has chosen our school’s library renovation project as part of their community fund project. 

This means that members can choose to give 1% of what they spend on Co-op branded products and services to our cause.  To keep track of funds raised (if you’re a Co-op Member) you can keep an eye on the funds being raised for your cause by signing into your Co-op Membership account  If you can't see ‘Brandlehow Library Renovation’ just widen your search.

The Co-op have kickstarted the fundraising off with a share of the money from the 5p carrier bags and the reusable bags that have been sold in the community, going to our cause.

How the fund works - Every time members buy Co‑op branded products and services, 1% of their spend goes to a local cause, like ours.

For the 6 months we’re part of the fund the money builds up. Throughout the 6 months, members can choose which cause their contribution goes to.

We’ll receive the funding at the end, if members don't choose a cause during the 6 months the Co-op shares the contribution they've built up equally between the causes in their community.

We look forward to seeing how much can be raised!