2017 – 2018: Total fund allocated - £13,556.74

Primary PE & Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator

School Focus/planned impact on pupils

Actions to achieve

Planned funding

Actual funding


Actual Impact (following review) on pupils.

Sustainability, next step

1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – KICK-starting healthy active lifestyles

Whole school fitness.

Buy equipment for the playground to engage children in activity during break and lunch times.



Purchased a variety of different equipment for both playgrounds for the children to use.

The Y1 children are engaged in various different activities every break time and the KS2 children are starting to use the equipment more during break times (especially the table tennis equipment).

To buy more equipment for the KS2 playground and to engage the Y1 children in more games by providing them with games to play with the equipment provided.

2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Providing the children with opportunities to compete within inter and intra sports competitions.

Hosting annual tournaments – paying for venue hire, trophies, medals, stickers, refreshments etc.



We purchased trophies, stickers, medals etc. for sports day and inter house competitions, as well as venue hire for sports day.

Sports Day was attended by more parents and enjoyed by all of the children.  All of the children have also enjoyed taking part in inter house mornings each term as well.

Inter house mornings will continue each term and Sports Day will continue to be held at Wandsworth Park.

3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport.

Increasing teacher’s skillset in a variety of different sports which allows them to provide the children with high quality teaching.

Staff training in a variety of different sports with specialised coaches.



Teachers attended various different courses which included: Inclusion within PE.

Teachers have shared their knowledge with one another and have improved their PE lessons by auctioning the points learnt on their courses.

Next year we will send teachers on more PE courses.


Improving the quality of PE lessons in school and teachers’ confidence and knowledge when teaching PE.

Purchasing of the resources/lesson plans which go hand in hand with the teacher training.



Purchased the Create Development scheme of work for the whole school.

Teachers are following the schemes of work purchased which have made their PE lessons more engaging and more skill focussed.  The children have been enjoying the new PE lessons.

Continue to teach using the new schemes of work.

4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils


Hiring professional coaches to deliver dance to targeted pupils.

A specialist dance teacher is employed who provides children with the opportunity to expand knowledge within the area and whilst at the same time offering CPD to the teachers.



The children have been exposed to different types of dance and learning about rhythm, timing and choreography during dance lessons. Teachers have increased confidence in teaching dance.

The children are now able to perform various different dance moves and routines.  They are also able to choreograph their own routines in dance and have performed these to their parents and the whole school.

Continue to provide the children with opportunities to learn new dance moves and to perform routines through teachers’ improved teaching techniques.


Hiring professional sportsmen and women to inspire the children in a variety of different sports.

Hiring professional sportsmen and women to teach children and lead assemblies in their specified sports to inspire the children to get into sport.



During Sports Week the children had workshops from various different GB athletes and skilled sportsmen and women.

All children in the school took part in workshops with various different sportsmen and women which included workshops in: dance, circus skills, athletics, tennis, skipping etc.  Workshops inspired the children to take up new sports outside of children.  All children were engaged in the sports workshops offered.

Sports Week will continue next year as will adhoc workshops throughout the year for the children.


Giving children the opportunity to immerse themselves in different sports.

To inspire the children by providing them with opportunities to watch professional sport.



Children watched the National Paralympic Athletics Championships.

Children were inspired by the athletes competing in the athletics competition.

Provide more opportunities for the children to watch different sports in the future.

5. increased participation in competitive sport

To give every child in the school an opportunity to represent the school in a sporting competition.

Membership to PPSSA and Wandsworth School Games to allow us access to local sporting competitions and sports leagues.  Every child is to have the opportunity to participate in a sporting competition before they leave Brandlehow.  Provide supply teachers to cover teachers out on the sports trip.



Children have taken part in various different competitions against other schools throughout the year to include tag rugby, netball, swimming and football competitions.

The children have been exposed to various different competitions and have gained experience from competing for the school in inter school competitions, this has in turn allowed them to develop their confidence, perseverance and leadership skills etc.

Continue to be members of the PPSA and Wandsworth School Games next year.


To enable the children to be able to engage in a wide variety of sporting activities by providing them with high quality sporting equipment.

Purchasing new sports equipment to ensure the pupils are able to use equipment that maximises their learning.



We have purchased different sports equipment to include new hurdles, netballs, rugby balls, tag belts etc. for the children to use.

The quality of PE lessons have improved due to more equipment being available for the children.

Purchase new equipment as and when required.