Welcome to Brandlehow Primary School

Dear Brandlehow Community,

We have been instructed to close the school until further notice. The school won’t be open from Monday 23rd March and most pupils shouldn’t come to school until further notice is given.

FSM will be provided at the school site on a daily basis until such time as we’re able to set up vouchers. We will then inform those families for whom this is relevant. Please call or email if you are struggling to provide for your family.

In terms of on-site access, we are currently only open for those who are:

  1. Those with an EHCP (where we having staffing to do so – this will be confirmed with you on a case by case basis)
  2. Those with an allocated social worker or who are considered vulnerable for another reason
  3. Those who are the children of the list of key workers who cannot be safely cared for at home

This limitation is to enable efforts of schools to remain open and continue to provide for the children who are a priority for as long as possible in their specific communities and circumstances. The list of qualifying key worker roles, along with the guidance from the Government, which states that every child who can be safely cared for at home should be, can be found here:


Brandlehow intends to stay open as provider for our local community for as long as possible during wider school closures; whilst we want to be as supportive as possible to the needs of each family, our capacity to stay open for our core group of prioritised individuals is resource dependent, aimed at reducing risk to all involved and this relies on the system not being overloaded.

If you have an queries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@brandlehow.wandsworth.sch.uk  

What we’ll continue doing

For each and every day that we can, we will be remaining open for usual school hours (9am-3.15pm) as a point of contact and support for the whole school community. If there is a day or period of time that we cannot remain open, we will provide as much notice about this as possible and we will be available via Seesaw and the info@brandlehow.wandsworth.sch.uk address. For a small number of key worker children, we can currently provide wrap around care from 8-5pm but this is staff dependent and is agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for all your support.


Welcome to Brandlehow Primary School

Brandlehow is a vibrant school, where children are at the heart of every decision we make, and are naturally motivated to bring enthusiasm to everything they do. That vitality is nurtured in a friendly and caring environment where happiness and wellbeing are paramount. All of our children are known, valued and respected as individuals who leave school ready for the next stage in their education, with life skills which prepare them for the challenges that the modern world presents.  Children are encouraged to aim high and make the most of the diverse opportunities they are given to cultivate and contribute to our shared community. 


Ms Loughnan