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Brandlehow Primary School

Bukora School - Rwanda

We were introduced to Bukora School by the British Council in 2012.  Over the period of a couple of years, the pupils at Brandlehow and Rwanda communicated through letters to each other and small gifts and painting.  Through these letters the children were able to gain an invaluable insight into the lives of children from very different backgrounds. It really helped the children at Brandlehow appreciate how lucky they were to have all the material possession they have at school and at home.

The link also provided an opportunity for two teachers from Brandlehow to visit Bukora School and for one teacher from Bukora to reciprocate the visit, coming to spend some time at Brandlehow.  The teachers were able to share their experiences with their respective school, showing pictures and sharing gifts.  When Epa (the teacher from Bukora) visited Brandlehow she was warmly welcomed by the school community, being put up by a family who had roots in Rwanda.

The following is an example of the work carried out by the two schools.

The children from school exchanged maize seeds and thoughts on gardens, please click to view some of the children's work.