Fund Raising


Should you have any queries about fundraising, or want to volunteer to help with our fundraising events and activities, please email


Autumn Term 2021/22 Fundraising Events Update


We ran a fantastic Christmas Fair as well as a range of Christmas related activities during the Autumn Term, and our ever-popular Cake Sales and Uniform Sale. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed and helped with all these events - we couldn't do it without you!


To Be Updated

Summer Term 2020/21 Fundraising Events Update

To Be Updated


Spring Term 2020/21 Fundraising Events Update

During the Spring term we ran a range of online fundraising events. Thank you to all those who contributed to organising these, and of course everyone who participated!

Spring Events included the end-of-half-term Virtual Disco, the Virtual Balloon race, and our yummy Easter Cupcakes

We successfully raised a total of just over £1,800 during the Spring term, including additional donations, with approximately £350 from each of the above events. The cupcakes included being able to purchase cupcakes for school staff, who wanted to pass on their thanks to everyone for the delicious treats. 

Fund raising summary 2020/21

Please see here a summary of our PTA fundraising activity to date this year.


Donate to the PTA via Paypal

We have made it easy and safe to donate to the PTA if and when you choose. Simply click this link to make a donation directly to us, through Paypal. We will use this link when we hold events (such as the Festive Parents Quiz and Non Uniform Fun Day).  Donating is of course completely optional!

Easy Fund raising:

PLEASE SIGN UP!! It’s really really really simple!! Spread the word! We’ve already got a lot of people signed up but we need more!

We’re already raising lots of money this way - it's really simple and doesn't cost you anything. Your data is secure, it won’t be passed on to any other third parties.  All you have to do is:

  1. Join – Head to and sign up for free
  2. Get the reminder toolbar - Download the ‘reminder toolbar’ at and every time you shop at a participating site you’ll be asked if you’d like a donation to be made to Brandlehow PTA.
  3. Raise - After you've checked out, that retailer will make a donation - you’ll receive a very satisfying email after your purchase to let you know how much has been donated.


If you have any comments or ideas on fund raising for the PTA then please let us know!