Nursery 2019-2020 Decision



As many of you are aware, the planned building works for next academic year, which will enable Brandlehow to become a two-form entry school, will mean that we are unable to house Nursery on-site during this year.

We have been exploring options for the feasibility of providing a Nursery class off-site for the duration of the build, and a full due-diligence exercise has been carried out. This has included extensive research and consideration of important issues including safeguarding of children, practical and logistical considerations and financial viability. 

Having explored this option in-depth, and after careful consideration by the School Leadership Team and the Governors,the decision has been taken that it would not be in the best interests of the school as a whole to go ahead with providing an off-site Nursery for the 2019-20 academic year.

The year ahead will be one of change for the school, which will present many challenges and opportunities. Being able to focus our efforts and energies at the main school site, to ensure that the transition period is as smooth as possible and that impact on the children’s day-to-day life at school is kept to a minimum, will be our priority. 

We appreciate the impact this decision will have on many families with younger children and thank you for your support and understanding. We fully expect the Nursery to re-open on the main school site in September 2020.


Warm regards,

The Brandlehow Team