Online Safety and Support for Children

You Tube Safety Factsheet - May 2019

If you need any support with your feelings, contact ChildLine:

When you are using the internet at school or at home it is very important that you stay safe.

You would have been taught at school how to stay safe when using the internet on the computer, an Ipad or a mobile phone. It is also a good idea to talk to your parents or carers and they will be able to help you!

If you are worried about anything you see on the internet talk to an adult who you trust. You can also report it to the police by clicking on this button:

Remember if you see something on the internet that concerns you: 

  • FLAG IT  

When using any computer, tablet or phone device remember SMART:

S- SAFE- Don't give out your own information

M- MEET- Only meet people you have met online with your parents

A- ACCEPTING- Only open emails & texts from people you trust

R- RELIABLE- Some people online tell lies, only talk to real-world friends and family

T- TELL- Tell a parent or adult you trust if something you see online makes you feel uncomfortable

What can you do if you think cyber-bullying is happening?

 Have a look at some more information to help you keep safe:

 See how much you know. Try the quizzes below:

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