Extra-Curricular Opportunities



In addition to the free clubs provided by Brandlehow, there are also opportunities for children to participate in sporting groups, run by different organisations, outside of school hours. To get more information about different sporting groups in the area, click the links below:


Inspire coaching 

Inspire are specialists in sports coaching. Since forming in 2006 we have established a dedicated team of highly skilled coaches- Carl Hutchings and Liam Oxley, one of which is a former professional footballer, with over 10 years of experience playing at a professional level. Inspires aim is to provide the highest levels of coaching expertise and quality to schools. We continuously scrutinise the quality of our coaching sessions, and guarantee that every school receives a totally professional level of service. We distinguish ourselves above any other coaching company by providing a platform for boys and girls to not only learn new and improve existing football/sports skills but also discover and progress key social skills such as teamwork and leadership. 

email: inspirelifeandleisure@live.com

or TEXT 07939 054 551 to request a booking form