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Brandlehow Primary School

Jolly Phonics at Brandlehow

At Brandlehow we use the systematic teaching of phonics to support children in learning to read and write. We use the Jolly Phonics programme which uses lively and interactive visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods.   Phonics is the teaching of how sounds are shown by letters in the alphabet because it is the sounds which letters show which help children learn to read and write.  Each sound (phoneme) is taught individually so that children learn to hear it, say it, read it, write it and blend it with other sounds to form words.  We teach sounds in the following order, ensuring all children are fully supported to keep up.  For more information, please see the Phonics Policy on our website.


The children will cover all 42 of these initial sounds in Reception.  The order is specifically devised to enable children to develop swiftly to segment and blending sounds, which are the skills which underpin reading and writing.  Children then explore how the same sound can be shown through alternative combinations of letters. This enables children to continue to develop their reading and writing skills.  Jolly Grammar 1 and 2 extend the their phonics further in Year 1 and Year 2, incorporating further phonemes and spelling patterns which build on their phonic knowledge.  All teachers at Brandlehow use phonics to support the teaching of early reading and spelling, throughout the school.  

Further information for parents and carers can be found on the Jolly Phonics website.