'Passionate about Equality Excited by Difference


Inclusion is a positive word, frequently used in relation to Special Needs, but because it subtly and innocently implies a hierarchy, where some include others, we prefer the word equality, where every child is equally important, special and valued. 

Ellie Loughnan, Head Teacher

SEND at Brandlehow

Brandelhow is a fully inclusive school and endeavours to ensure that all pupils have equal access to their education from their own starting points.  We have a dedicated SEND team who are passionate in ensuring that children with additional needs are able to strive to achieve the best of their ability and equip them to deal with real life experiences.

The information here on the website (SEN Policy and SEN Information Report) will give you an overview of how we can support you and your child if you have a child with additional needs.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via email to arrange a convenient time. 

The SENCO is Vicky Morgan


Please feel free to read more about our SEND at Brandlehow on this leaflet here.