School Meals - Edwards & Ward

Lunches at Brandlehow are cooked daily by our award-winning chef, Jo, and her excellent team. The meals and menus are designed by Edwards and Ward, with three different hot choices on offer daily, along with a salad bar and pudding/fresh fruit. 

Please click on the link below to access the menu for the next half term-

MENU Spring 2020


  • Move up in the line so there’s no need for staff to say ‘move up’ 
  • Keep doorway by hatch clear
  • Face right direction in the queue
  • Keep voice levels down and indoor voices
  • Use your manners
  • Do not waste too much food
  • Respect for others
  • Do not run in the hall
  • Make others feel safe, no hassling younger children
  • Communicate politely with lunch staff
  • Exit by door nearest ramp
  • Offer to help other students
  • Keep other doors closed
  • One piece of bread each
  • Do not share food
  • Do not eat standing up, finish your mouthful before standing up
  • Stack cups for lunchtime staff
  • Sit properly on the benches
  • Cutlery in correct bin
  • Eat with your mouths closed
  • Make sensible food choices
  • Do not take school food outside

* Make good food choices – choose what you are likely to finish

* Drink lots of water – it’s great for your brain!