Super Cycling Man

We are always interesting to hear how Mr Hodson is getting on with his trip around the world! Since he left Brandlehow, he has kept in contact with us at regular intervals with Skpye chats and he is always happy to answer our questions via email.  We have been tracking his progress and look forward to hearing about the talks he is giving to school around the world. If you want to find out where in the world he is (accurate to within 10 minutes!) or to donate some money to one of the charities he is supporting, just click on his picture below. 

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Update 2018: It was lovely to hear how our old friend Mr Hodson aka ‘Super Cycling Man’ was doing.  He emailed in a newsletter about his adventures which is pinned up on the world map of his travels.  Some of you may remember that Mr Hodson used to be a teacher at Brandlehow but left to conquer the world via bicycle to raise money for Parkinson’s disease.  You can learn more about his adventures by searching for “SUPER CYCLING MAN” or if you want to send a question or a joke, you can always email him at:

Super Cycling Man Newsletter Jan 2018

My tracker has logged my location in lots of different towns, cities and countries so may take a moment or two to fully load. Thank you for being so patient.